C.D. Leganés can’t add at Las Palmas and get a defeat after two months (4-2)


28/03/2022 22:50

C.D Leganés couldn't add on their visit to U.D. Las Palmas (4-2), ending a streak of eight matches and two months without losing. Qasmi and Lemos on own goal scores for the pepineros,  while Sadiku (2), Kirian and Viera via penalty do for the local team. 

Leganés go to the pitch with the same team that played against Real Sporting, the only change was that Yacine Qasmi entered for Recio that stayed in Madrid due to inconvenience. So by this the same Qasmi and Jon Bautista forms as the double fowars up front with Cissé and Rubén Pardo on the center of the field and Róber Ibáñez and José Arnaiz on the wings. Bautista as the 10 starred the first shot on goal of the match after a center of Pardo by prepared play. Lega organized themselves with a 4-4-2 against a Rival that looked how to generate via the possession of the ball. 

Qasmi scored the first goal, but Las Palmas overcame before half time. 

On the minute 20’ Leganés was going to get up front on the scoreboard, after a direct shot that was not successful of Rubén Pardo, that hit on the barrier, the ball was on the feets of Cissé that try another shot, but the ball hit the defenders, at and the end it was hunt by Qasmi inside the box that without any trouble score the 0-1, and scored his second goal as a pepinero player. However, Las Palmaswill drew the match two minutes later with the keyman of the match Sadiku, who defeated the goalkeeper Dani Jiménez that was assisted by Lemos to establish the 1-1. 

The same Dani, needed to intervene against Jesé at the 25 minutes and on the next corner kick of the match Kirian made the 2-1 with a powerful shot that was impossible for the visiting goalkeeper. Lega tried to react with a headshot of Bautista on the 28’ but eight minutes later, the referee of the match, IGlesias Villanueva, sanctioned a penalty shot in an action between Cissé and Kirian inside the box. Viera transformed this to set the 3-1 and let things complicated for the pepinero team for the second half. 

Lega short the result but the yellow team sanctioned the match

The second time started with some changes for the Mehdi Nafi team, Palencia and Borja Garcés entered for Nyom and Qasmi. On the 53’ Luis Perea entered again to a football pitch after two months of being injured, replaizing Cissé in the center of the field, and tried to shorten the distance. On the minute 64’ Randjelovic entered for Róber Ibáñez as the fourth substitution of Nafti. 

On the minute 72’ Lega tried to shorten the distance: Ranjelovic assisted Javi Hernández that shot to the post and on the rebound Lemos entered the ball on their own goal and made the 3-2, giving hope to the pepineros. Juan Muñoz entered for Bautista as the last substitution for Leganés, but as well as with the first goal, las Palmas three minutes later set the 4-2 on the electronic board. 

Leganés saw his streak of eight matches and second months vanished with a defeat. The pepineros keep 42 points and their next match will be next Monday (21:00 hours) at Butarque against C.F. Fuenlabrada. 

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4-2 Go Live
  • Álvaro Vallés
  • Eric Curbelo
  • Coco (45')
  • A. Lemos
  • Sergi Cardona
  • Jesé (82')
  • Omenuke Mfulu
  • Viera (65')
  • Óscar Clemente (64')
  • Kirian Rodríguez (89')
  • Sadiku


  • Pejiño
  • Mújica
  • Álex Díez
  • Raúl
  • Fabio (90')
  • Robert (66')
  • Peñaranda
  • Raúl Navas (45')
  • Óscar
  • Maikel M. (65')
  • Benito (83')
  • Álex Suárez
  • D. Jiménez
  • Nyom (45')
  • Jimmy Giraudon
  • Sergio
  • Javi Hernández
  • Cisse (53')
  • Robert Ibáñez (64')
  • R. Pardo
  • Jose Arnáiz
  • Bautista (71')
  • Yacine (45')


  • Lazar Randjelovic (65')
  • Borja Garcés (45')
  • Juan Muñoz (72')
  • Naim
  • Bustinza M.
  • Riesgo
  • Eraso
  • Iván Villar
  • Luis Perea (54')
  • Palencia (45')


Estadio Gran Canaria (6.961 spectators)


  • 0-1 (20'). Yacine
  • 1-1 (23'). Sadiku
  • 2-1 (26'). Kirian Rodríguez
  • 3-1 (37'). Viera (p)
  • 3-2 (70'). A. Lemos (og)
  • 4-2 (75'). Sadiku


Javier Iglesias Villanueva awarded Coco (27'), Eric Curbelo (88') from UD Las Palmas y Cisse (36'), Nyom (39'), Yacine (42'), Palencia (53'), Jimmy Giraudon (57'), R. Pardo (80') from CD Leganés.