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C.D Leganés’ online course

Online Course

C.D Leganés presents its new online course designed for coaches from all formative levels, academy managers, technical staff, among others who may be residing in Spain or abroad and want to learn about a professional entity’ methodology for each formative stages: initiation, development, specificity and performance. The course can be done from home, with a personalized schedule, video sessions and workshops. It also features direct contact and follow-up with the course’s teachers.

The teacher’s team is composed by Academy Director Jorge Broto, Academy Coordinator David Mendez, Academy Scouting Coordinator Francisco de Paula, International Area Coordinator José Ángel García, Second Team Head Coach Carlos Martínez and First Team Head Coach José Luis Martí. It is a 2-month duration course and will start from January,  2021.

The course’s price is 299 euros. For more information please contact us through the following e-mail: formacion@cdleganes.com. You can also process the payment by bank transfer to the following account: Club Deportivo Leganés S.A.D. - ES95 0081 0235 7000 0131 2732 - BIC/SWIFT: BSAB ESBB. Please include as concept “Formación [and the student’s name]”.


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