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28/11/2021 16:45 | Squad / Video

Mehdi Nafti: "We gave a mature and comprehensive performance; I get that the fans will puff their chests out a bit with this news, but we won't"

C.D. Leganés manager, Mehdi Nafti, spoke to the press after the Pepineros' home win this Sunday against U.D. Las Palmas that ended at 4-1. "Well done to my boys who gave a mature and comprehensive performance, coping with the pressure when it came and developing our game. We're in a great rhythm, we could improve but you can't ask for more than this. I understand the fans puffing their chests a bit with this news, but we won't do that. I'm not concerned by the table; all I want is a cohesive team that grows from week to week".

28/11/2021 16:00 | Squad / Video

C.D. Leganés enjoy scoring frenzy at the Butarque (4-1)

C.D. Leganés emphatically delivered a victory over U.D. Las Palmas (4-1) in an electric Estadio Municipal Butarque match. Coco, at his own end, Borja Garcés, Randjelovic and Sabin Merino netted the four for the Pepineros, while Jonathan Viera got the sole goal for the visitors.

26/11/2021 10:10 | Squad

Medical update: Fede Vico

C.D. Leganés player Fede Vico underwent medical evaluation on the 25th November after his 11' substitution in last Monday's victory in Zaragoza. The results confirmed a tear in his left anterior cruciate ligament. Everyone at the club is fully behind and supporting Fede Vico in his recovery. We're with you, Fede!

22/11/2021 23:00 | Squad / Video

C.D. Leganés with a huge victory at La Romareda (0-2)

C.D. Leganés came away from La Romareda with a convincing result against in-form Real Zaragoza (0-2) to make it a second consecutive victory on the road. Randjelovic, in the first half, and then Shibasaki, in the second, were the names on Mehdi Nafti's goalsheet whose efforts will deliver Leganés a necessary three points to move out of the relegation zone.

20/11/2021 13:00 | Squad / Video

Mehdi Nafti: "Consistency is key. The players believe in what we're doing and we're on track"

C.D. Leganés manager, Mehdi Nafti, spoke before a press conference ahead of the Pepineros' 17th league game to be played this Monday 22nd November at La Romareda at 21:00 (CET). "My assessment would be that the team has looked very coherent in the last three, that they play responsibly and have the desire to get out from under. The most important things are consistency from here until Christmas and to keep improving".

19/11/2021 18:30 | Shop

It's Black Week at the LegaStore!

Between 22nd-28th November C.D. Leganés will celebrate 'Black week' at the LegaStore, with exclusive discounts on different clothing and merchandising products throughout the week both in-store and online.

18/11/2021 11:55 | Squad

Back to La Romareda, where Leganés won their biggest away win

This Monday C.D. Leganés return to La Romareda (21:00 CET), a stadium where only a few months before the team secured the biggest result in their history in professional football. It was on the final matchday of the last season that the Pepineros overcame Real Zaragoza 0-5 to secure a 3rd place finish at the league's conclusion.

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