Asier Garitano: "I am concerned: you have to be honest about your situation, analyse it and work your way out"


10/10/2021 20:49

Asier Garitano, C.D. Leganés manager, expressed his worries following the last minute defeat the team faced on their visit to C.F. Fuenlabrada: "I am concerned, we came with a good lineup and our performance wasn't bad either, but at the end you're only left with the score, in the last play of the game".

"We certainly began well, we kept their centre halves on the back foot a lot. Fuenlabrada were only generating a little on their corners, but they had height on their side which gave them a good advantage. We weren't bad in terms of the game. At 1-1 we the combination between Lazar and José Arnaiz. And towards the end, when things seemed to slow, they scored again from a set piece," said the blanquiazul coach.

The manager also commented on the set pieces during the game "The first foul by Pedro León and from there they get their heads on it and send it into the net: there's little you can do there. It can occur in any minute of the game, there are always fouls and corners in a match. It's usually an outlet for Fuenlabrada to generate attacking threat, but we had defended well up to that point and with that final corner and the loose ball: it's hard to manage those moments and all you can do is defend".

"We were focused on staying in the opponent's half to avoid these kind of situations. We were calmer in the second half exactly because we were able to limit the danger. But we were up against a team that doesn't need to play pretty football and dominate possession. Its in those spaces where they have potential to go ahead, and that's what they did", the coach conceded.

Asier lamented that the 50-50s had not gone their way "We would have liked to have won more of the battles, there's always a ball at the heart of every challenge and there are consequences if you win or lose it, that's plain to see. Its one of the most simple, but important things in today's game and, today, we suffered defeat".

Finally, the blanquiazul manager pointed out the need to holistically reflect on the game and from there, start to draw conclusions "We need to make a complete assessment and its only from there that we can pass any verdict. Its the ninth gameweek and our situation is precarious. If we lose we fall into the relegation zone, so the problems we're facing each week are huge for everyone".