Asier Garitano: "The fans are the essence of the game and they should enjoy watching the team play"


21/08/2021 12:30

The C.D. Leganés manager, Asier Garitano, appeared in a press conference this Saturday ahead of the pepineros' next fixture this Monday (22:00 CEST) against Burgos C.F. at the Butarque for the second matchweek of LaLiga SmartBank.

Garitano spoke on analysing parts of their game from the league opener in San Sebastián: "We went through absolutely everything, the good and bads. It's part of my job and I'll always do it. We also did some things right, we'll try to keep correcting and improving the ability of the whole squad. That's going to help us concede fewer mistakes and get a little better each week".

Asier was not shaken by the result and believes that the group will improve as the days go on: "I'm not worried at all. Every week there are people who will be improving their fitness. There are players who have missed a lot of pre-season sessions and we need them to improve little by little, plus the new players and the ones we're missing. We'll be competing and playing a little better, but at the moment we're just a little bit short. We'll get better every week".

Recio, Fede Vico, Borja Garcés and Manu Garrido: absent on Monday

The pepinero coach, who confirmed the absence of injured players Recio, Manu Garrido and Borja Garcés, elucidated the condition of the latter two: "Fede Vico already explained this in his presentation. He's had four sessions and no games after two months without competing. He's still missing matches and we have to go gently so that he doesn't get injured, so that he can see what the mechanisms are.... But all of that requires a bit of time and for him to improve his fitness. As for Borja Garcés, he's a young player but he's injured and needs two, three or four weeks, because he picked it up in the last friendly against Atlético at the Carranza. He has the advantage of having competed in pre-season, but we can't count on him".

When asked about the other names, he stated that "Quintillà had some problems in pre-season, he was out of the squad for two weeks and he will improve bit by bit. It was a similar case with Jonathan Silva, but with him we know what level he can be at and we think he's going to be much better than last season. And with Iván Villar it's also similar, in his case we have another goalkeeper like Asier Riesgo and in that respect we're not worried, he'll improve as the weeks go by".

"Burgos are very difficult to beat, they are very well drilled and it won't be easy".

As for this Monday's opponent, Garitano expects Burgos C.F. to make things difficult for them: "Burgos are very difficult to beat, it may be hard for them to generate going forward but they close games well, they are very well drilled and it won't be easy. In this league there is no difference from one team to the next". Guillermo Fernández, a striker from the squad that won promotion to the top flight in 2016, will return to Butarque, with praise from Asier: "He's a sensational sportsman and very professional. He performed very well here, when he arrived from Athletic he had first division potential, he decided to come here and until he broke his ankle in Granada he performed at a very good level. His behaviour afterwards was exemplary, we were lucky enough to have him help us get to the Primera División and all we can do is thank him and welcome him back".

With ten days to go until the market closes, Asier commented on what he would like to see happen between now and 31 August: "The market is difficult. This squad needs two or three players to balance out on the right wing, up top... And, if not, we will have to compete with the players we have because that is our job, but each one of them is prepared and represents the club as they should".

"Hopefully, in a few months' time, the stadiums will be full".

Finally, the manager lauded the return of the fans to the Butarque this Monday after many months without being able to see the team, with the exception of the small percentage who were able to attend the final game of last season: "We have made some progress, now we will have a 40% capacity and hopefully, in a few months time, the stands will be full. The fans are the essence of the game and little by little we are getting them inolved again. We welcome everyone coming back, they should be with the players and enjoy watching the team play.