C.D. Leganés 'B' and Sizen unite


17/11/2021 11:30

C.D. Leganés 'B' have signed an agreement with Sizen, the sports presotherapy company, to become the affiliate's official sponsor.

Competitive in a market as demanding as Germany, Sizen becomes the new reserve side sponsors alongside its commitments to the cycling teams of BH Burgos, Continental Electro Hiper Europa, Bizkaia Durango and individual athletes Manu García, ex-captain of Deportivo Alavés, cyclists Davide Formolo from Team Emirates, Joseba Beloki (3 podium finishes on the Tour) as well as record-breaking national judo, athletics and crossfit champion, Spanish sportswoman Fátima Diame. 

C.D. Leganés 'B' will be able to enjoy Sizen 6+, a unique presotherapy sports and toning machine with a 5-hour battery life. With 6 independent chambers and up to 240 mmHg of pressure, the machine is equipped to produce the best results and dynamise recoveries to improve player performance.

Sizen CEO, Josep Reyes stated: "The deal with C.D. Leganés 'B' forges the same foundations we lay with other professional teams in the Sizen family. This development means we are excellently placed to professionalise the medical services we offer teams. Thanks to Deportiva Sizen's presotherapy, there's no doubt C.D. Leganés 'B's performance will improve and its players will recover and heal quicker".