C.D. Leganés 'B' players Jordan Gutiérrez and Adil Tahif will play for their national teams


09/11/2020 18:56

C.D Leganés 'B' players Jordan Gutiérrez and Tahif Adil have been called to play for Equatorial Guinea and Morocco U-20 national teams on the November international matchday.

22-year old Jordan Gutiérrez has been called by Equatorial Guinea National Team to play the third and fourth matchdays of the 2021 Cameroon Africa Cup Qualifiers.

The first match will be at Cairo against Libya on Wednesday, November 11th and the second match will be played on November 15th against Tunez at Malabo.

19-year-old Adil Tahif has been called by Morocco’s U-20 National Team and will be with the team from November 9 to November 17.