C.D. Leganés begin new season of parafootball with Genuine squad


14/10/2021 19:00

This Thursday afternoon C.D. Leganés presented their team for the new LaLiga Genuine season. The event was celebrated together with club president Victoria Pavón, the Grupo AMÁS president, Carlos Pérez, and the side's sponsors, Mercanza, TheBus OnTime and Caixabank.

Once again, C.D. Leganés return to play in LaLiga Genuine, a unique competition full of sportmanship and values that players preach every training and fixture. For club president Victoria Pavón, "it is an inclusive and pioneering initiative in the world of football that is shared across most clubs. There are no athletes with their passion. They are an example and inspire us all". 

"When LaLiga launched the project, we didn't hesitate. Grupo AMÁS were similarly excited, which goes to show it's the most special part of the club. An integrative project where they help us and set the example every day. The aim is to compete and with more and more players are getting the opportunity to play at this level, we want to grow with them. They live in the moment and are an example of life to us".

"When LaLiga started with this project, we did not hesitate. We saw Grupo AMÁS very excited, and this is the most special section of the club. An integrating project in which they help us and give us an example every day. The aim is to compete, there are more and more players who have the opportunity to play at this level and we want to grow with them. They live in the moment and give us that example of life," he said.

"We would not be able to share the values of LaLiga Genuine if it were not for Leganés and Grupo AMÁS"

Carlos Pérez, president of Grupo AMÁS, expressed his happiness to be part of another season of LaLiga Genuine: "Its an honour to be here. I thank the institution of Leganés, who made it possible for us share the values of LaLiga Genuine. And also the sponsors, with whom working is a privilege. Its not just another year, its a different year and soon enough this league will get started. We hope that in a year's time we will be back here again".

One of the C.D. Leganés Genuine players, Miki, wanted to thank the club "for always counting on us, it is a pleasure to defend this shield. This team is a family and we hope to always have the support of the fans".

At the presentation ceremony, Pablo Robles, from Mercanza; Carlos Moreno, from TheBus OnTime; and Ángel Luis Cano, from Caixabank, official sponsors of C.D. Leganés Genuine, also had words of praise and support for the team. After the event, the players picked up their new kits to begin training in the coming days to prepare for the competition, which will kick off in January 2022.