C.D Leganés Football School finishes the season with two promotions


20/05/2020 10:38

C.D Leganés’ Football School has finished its season after May 14th Madrid Football Federation (RFFM) resolution that suspends the competition.

The little pepineros have ended their 2019/20 competition, a season in which they all have played on a great level and two promotion have been reached. Alevín 'A' has finished first on their group getting to be promoted to Categoría Autonómica while Alevín 'B' has finished second and thus getting to be promoted to Categoría Preferente.

Great job by most of the teams

There are some teams that have performed well, getting just behind the promotion spots. Juvenil 'A' has finished third after being in the top 2 positions for most of the season.

Infantil 'A' has also finished third after a great performance during the season. Infantil 'D' had a great season performance but unfortunately finished third and wasn’t able to get promoted for the net season.