C.D. Leganés Foundation joins the 'Don’t tell me is not possible' project by 'El Langui'


07/05/2019 15:53

C.D. Leganés Foundation with the Association 'Don’t tell me is not possible' by Juan Manuel Montilla, known as 'El Langui', and the Emilio Moro Foundation, presented on Tuesday morning in the press room of the I.D. Butarque the project 'For a life without barriers'

The #ForALifeWithoutBarriers action aims to make life easier for many children without their own means as well as helping children at risk of exclusion. The C.D. Leganés Foundation supports this solidarity action. A project whose values ​​it considers of utmost importance for a life without barriers such as respect and inclusion, as well as effort, companionship and empathy. The press conference was attended by Laura Pérez, in representation of the C.D. Leganés Foundation and Unai Bustinza, captain of the club, as well as 'El Langui' and José Moro, president of the Emilio Moro Foundation.

"It is a pleasure to see and learn from a team like Leganés. It shows that it belongs to First Division not only in the sports side. We decided to link with Leganés because it is a club with values ​​and that never gives up and demonstrates to society with actions its commitment. A life without barriers is also possible thanks to people like El Langui, who shows us every day that effort and that sacrifice towards others," said José Moro.

"It's a pleasure to meet Josemi. I discovered Josemi with that famous video. I saw it and it was a reflection, because that's what I wanted to have been." Soccer was for me a common thread, what my parents used for me to overcome my fears. When I found out I could not help but get excited. With the Emilio Moro Foundation, we decided to do this action, specially getting to know him," El Langui said. "With the association 'Don’t tell me is not possible' that I founded in 2010, we try to accommodate with actions the neighborhood kids and its surroundings that have few possibilities, and generate opportunities to achieve goals, above all to generate value. ​​One of the actions is through a soccer team, with positions that we grant a hundred percent," he explained.

"Leganés has it very clear and it is very positive that First Division teams advocate for this. They have a responsibility and above all people. A lot of young people who see Leganés and their values. All that empathy that is generated is fundamental. Young people see it and all that generates empathy, because what you are telling are good values. In the last film I did, 'Let God come down and see it', where we mentioned Leganés, that wink came from me and the director. In that moment it was not in the script and we wondered, what club should we mention... Lega. I want you to always follow this path. There are many young people behind that say and do what they see in their idols that are their players and their club,” explained 'El Langui'

"Every day they give us lessons that are very extrapolated to soccer. We all have to go through difficulties, but the key is how you face these difficulties and never give up." Both this initiative and LaLiga Genuine’s one guide us the way and what attitude to take. We can only have words of gratitude for the project we are presenting. In soccer you have to know how to manage joys, failures, anger and then you have to also do it in life. In the Athletic academy, I learned values ​​that nobody can take away from me. I appreciate this type of initiatives because although it seems that the players live on the sidelines of this, it fills us a lot and makes us grow,” commented Unai Bustinza, captain of CD Leganés.

Before this press conference, Josemi, goalkeeper of C.D. Leganés Genuine and 'El Langui' met in Butarque, where in the afternoon there will again be a meeting between the boys of the 'El Langui' association with Unai Bustinza and Javier Eraso.