C.D. Leganés participates in the "Conecta con Futura Afición" sessions in CEIP Miguel Delibes


12/05/2021 18:30

C.D. Leganés, through its player Rodrigo Tarín, and the CEIP Miguel Delibes of our city have participated in the streaming session of "Conecta con Futura Afición", a cycle of ten days framed in the Futura Afición project, the school program of education in values through soccer that LaLiga Foundation has been developing for more than six years.

In this session of "Connect with Futura Afición", Tarín encouraged the more than 75 students connected to continue to comply with the prevention and safety measures in the face of COVID-19. Washing hands frequently, keeping a safe distance from classmates and playing with caution at recess are some of the tips that the player shared with the children present.
The player also explained the new routines that professional soccer has had to adopt in order to continue with LaLiga, as well as the new measures that the players themselves have to take: not sharing dressing rooms, disinfecting hands frequently, greeting each other from a distance and wearing masks whenever they are not on the field or training.

The aim is to turn today's children into respectful fans.

This awareness day is part of "Conecta con Futura Afición", one of the main novelties of the Futura Afición project, whose objective is to turn today's children into respectful fans and to base their passion for sport in general, and soccer in particular, on the values of effort, self-improvement, teamwork, tolerance, empathy and, especially, non-violence in sport.
For her part, the director of the LaLiga Foundation, Olga de la Fuente, said that "it is an honor to have the commitment of the LaLiga clubs in the collective mission we have to raise awareness and sensitize about the problem of violence in soccer and unsportsmanlike behavior, as well as the need to work together to raise awareness in society about the measures we must take to prevent the spread of the virus, whether at school, on the soccer field, at the office or at home.