Fundación C.D Leganes has donated more than 1.000 tests, a decontamination equipment, school inscription forms, among other supplies to face the health crisis


10/07/2020 14:00

Fundación C.D Leganés with the collaboration of Leganés’ City Hall continues with the funds allocation to undermine the effects of COVID-19 pandemic and cover the most urgent needs of Severo Ochoa Hospital. Last March 25th a bank account was opened with 200.000 euros to collect funds. A total of 223.424 euros have been collected so far with the support of all the citizens.

By the end of May, the foundation had acquired health materials and a modern ambulance to improve the health attention of all the leganenses through Civil Protection.

Of the 107.488,45€ from the bank account to be allocated, the foundation has allocated 8.33,90€ to acquire 1.060 tests for Severo Ochoa Hospital, a decontamination equipment for Civil Protection valued in 10.584,79€ and 5.000€ to the purchase of food to be distributed by this team.

The Foundation has also helped with the payment of school inscription forms through FAPA to students that have suffered economic needs because of the pandemic and has agreed with NGOs from the city to fight social emergencies with a total of 31.000€.

Finally, the Foundation and Leganés’ City Hall have reserved a total of 49.566,76€ for future hospital potential needs in case of new outbreaks in the upcoming months.