Javi Hernández, the Cinco Estrellas Player of September


08/10/2021 10:41

Javi Hernández will be celebrated as the Cinco Estrellas Player of September. The full back wins the award for the squad's best player in consecutive months thanks to his incredible and consistent match performance. This award is also presented in collaboration with Mahou, the official beer of C.D. Leganés.

The award is witness to the close partnership of Mahou Cinco Estrellas with C.D. Leganés and its fans, offering the supporters the chance to participate in the award and to forge new relationships with one another. The Andalusian player expressed his gratitude at the news: "We've got into a good rhythm with things ahead of Fuenlabrada, we're in good spirits and we have to keep faith in our game".

Deciding the Cinco Estrellas Player of the Month

The supporters vote on Twitter by tweeting the account @futbolmahou, together with the official C.D. Leganés account (@cdleganes), with their preferred player out of the five nominated by the club with the hastage #JugadorCincoEstrellas. Fans must either retweet or like the name of their preferred candidate within the timeframe to register their vote before the winner is determined. 

About Mahou

Mahou is a family of different beers, born on calle Amaniel de Madrid in 1890. The fruit of hard labour from both pioneers and master brewers, Mahou has been combining great flavour with new experiences for more than 130 years. 

Mahou is unmatched in their commitment to quality, both in their ingredients and brewing processes, giving their products an unmistakeable taste. Experience and passion, together with this quality have been the motors for Mahou to keep growing and innovating to offer people a broader portfolio of brands than ever through Clásica, Cinco Estrellas, Sin, Maestra, Barrica, Casimiro Mahour, Sin Gluten, Radler... 

Since 2018, Mahou is the most awarded Spanish beer range in the world. Its international recognition is a testament to its excellence and brewing mastery; something you never miss in a Mahou beer.

Mahou San Miguel 

A 100% family company, they are also the national leaders in the Spanish beer sector with a production quota of over 32%. The company is comprised of 10 breweries, eight in Spain and two others in the EU, four natural springs alongside their water bottling plants and lastly a team of 4,000 professional workers. With a history of more than 130 years, Mahou was born in 1890, acquiring San Miguel in 2000. Reina, from the Canary Islands, was also incoporated under Mahou in 2004, as was Cervezas Alhambra in 2007. During the last decade however, Mahou diversified its profile with the purchase of Solán de Cabras in 2011 and in 2020 began to engage with cider production too.

Within its great portfolio of Spanish beers are those such as Mahour Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial and Alhambra Reserva 1935; its pioneering products include San Miguel 0.0, San Miguel ECO, Mahou Barrica and gluten free lines such as San Miguel Gluten Free and Mahou Cinco Estrellas Sin Gluten. Mahou also owns a wide range of international beers and water brands such as Solán de Cabras, as pluralising their holdings on an international level represents one of their strategic axes for developing its business. They produce more than 70% of Spanish beer consumed outside Spain, with a company presence in more than 70 countries.