Lazar Randjelovic: "I'm very happy to have joined C.D. Leganés, it's a great opportunity"


09/09/2021 12:55

Thursday morning C.D. Leganés held the presentation of their last summer transfer window signing Lazar Randjelovic. The player on loan from Olympiacos was happy to arrive in LaLiga and hopes to inspire the same feeling among the pepinero fans.

Txema Indias, the club's sporting director, welcomed their newest arrival and spoke on his transfer: "In order to balance the pitch we needed someone to play out wide on the right and it was a deal that was only finalised in the last few days of the window. He was getting more games and minutes for them, but this was an opportunity we couldn't let go. He has a great work ethic and is ready to sacrifice and help the team, he stood out from a young age in Serbia and that's what Olympiacos saw in him too. Now Lazar has featured in around 70 games across the Champions League, Europa League, national team too... He has fitted in perfectly in these first few days and we are convinced that he is going to be a great help to us".

"The game here is very dynamic and that really appeals to me"

For his part, Lazar Randjelovic was grateful to the club for their commitment to his arrival: "I want to thank Leganés very much for taking notice of me and giving me this opportunity to play in Spain. I was worried because the transfer was finalised at the eleventh hour, but I feel very settled now. I'm happy, from my teammates to the management, everyone has given me a warm reception. People are very open and are trying to speak to me in English, but my intention is to learn the language quickly to adapt as soon as possible".

The Serbian revealed that "since I was very young I was very attracted to Spain and its league, and as soon as I got the offer it was clear to me that I wanted to play in the Spanish league and I couldn't be gladder over the decision. I have followed Leganés' games, especially when they were in Primera. The game here is much more dynamic and that really appeals to me, I think it's a great opportunity".

"I'm a quick player who likes to attack, get in the box and assist when I can"

Randjelovic admitted that "this is a very competitive division, with all the teams evenly matched, much more so than in Greece. That's what made me decide to come here. I always see the competition as positive, it motivates you to work harder and give one hundred percent. There are players who play in the same position as me who are very good and that will force me give my best".

Finally, he went on to describe his playing style and elaborated on his first talks with Asier Garitano: "Little by little I will come to grips with their systems and with time it will become clear what I can do for this team. Generally, I'm willing to adapt to whatever the coach needs from me. I'm a quick player who likes to attack, get into the box and assist when I can," he said before saying goodbye in Spanish with an 'Aúpa Lega'.