Leganés wins against Athletic at San Mamés and is still alive (0-2)


16/07/2020 22:45

C.D Leganés won against Athletic Club at San Mamés (0-2) and is still alive. The goals scored by Guerrero and Assalé, and Celta’s loss against Levante allow the pepineros to play the last matchday of the season with chances of surviving.

The pepineros played at San Mamés with four changes on their squad. Bustinza, Eraso and Bryan Gil replaced Awaziem and Jonathan Silva (suspension) and Kevin Rodrigues (injured). The 19-year old youth player Manu Garrido was also part of the starting line-up replacing Guerrero.

The first chance of the match was for the pepineros with a free kick by Eraso on the first minute. Eraso again tried his on the 5’ without luck. The first chance for Athletic arrived on the 12’ with a kick saved by Cuéllar.

Unai Simón’s red card and 0-0 after the first half

The local’s goalkeeper saw the red card after fouling Bryan Gil out of the area when the sevillano was facing the goal after receiving a pass by Manu Garrido. Iago Herrerín got into the pitch replacing Sancet. Manu made a great play on the 31st minute but Unai López stopped the ball.

Amadou was close to score on the 38th minute after a cross by Rosales. Leganés continued trying to get the possession of the ball but Athletic used the spaces to attack the pepineros and had an important free kick occasion. It was 0-0 after the first half.

Guerrero scored the first goal after VAR review on the 80th minute

The second half started with the same rhythm. Leganés had an occasion on the 57th through Bryan Gil who shot the ball and touched the post. Roque Mesa and Guerrero replaced Eraso and Manu. Rosales tried and the ball went wide after touching Núñez.

Leganés kept trying with Roque Mesa on the 68’ who kicked a ball that touched the crossbar. Assalé got into the pitch replacing Rosales on the 71’ looking for more attack. Avilés also had some minutes after replacing Amadou on the 74th. The 0-1 arrived on the 80’ through Guerrero, who received an assistance by Assalé and beat Herrerín, the goal was reviewed and finally conceded by the VAR.

Assalé scored the final goal

Leganés had a chance to define the match through Bryan Gil on the 88th minute but the ball went up. Cuéllar had to save Leganés after a header by Núñez just seconds after that. Lega scored the definitive goal on extra time when Assalé kicked the ball after an assist by Avilés (0-2).

Leganés is still alive and has 35 points on the rankings. To reach the survival, the team must win against Real Madrid (Sunday, 21:00h) and wait for Celta to not win against R.C.D Espanyol.


LEG / J37 LaLiga Santander

0-2 Go Live
  • Unai Simón
  • De Marcos (71')
  • Yuri B.
  • Yeray
  • Núñez
  • Oihan Sancet (25')
  • Williams (68')
  • Vesga (82')
  • Unai López
  • Muniain
  • Raúl García (82')


  • Dani Vivian
  • Córdoba
  • I. Lekue
  • Dani García (83')
  • Balenziaga
  • Villalibre (69')
  • Kenan Kodro (83')
  • Capa (72')
  • Beñat
  • San José
  • Ibai
  • Herrerín (26')
  • Cuéllar
  • Aitor
  • Bustinza M.
  • R. Tarín
  • Siovas
  • Roberto Rosales (71')
  • Eraso (59')
  • Amadou (74')
  • Rubén Pérez J.
  • Bryan Gil Salvatierra
  • Manuel Garrido (59')


  • K. Omeruo
  • Aymane Mourid
  • Javier Avilés (75')
  • M. Guerrero (60')
  • Pablo Lombo
  • R. Mesa (60')
  • M. Navarro
  • Ivi
  • Roger Assalé (72')
  • Juan Soriano
  • Iván Amores


Estadio San Mamés


  • 0-1 (79'). M. Guerrero
  • 0-2 (94'). Roger Assalé


Juan Martínez Munuera awarded Raúl García (53'), Muniain (63') from Athletic Club y Bustinza M. (43'), Eraso (43'), Rubén Pérez J. (76') from CD Leganés. Sent off with a red cardUnai Simón (22') from Athletic Club .