Mauricio Pellegrino: "I see a strong team, with hope."


20/09/2019 13:48

C.D. Leganés' coach Mauricio Pellegrino spoke to the media in the I.D. Butarque's press room on Friday morning before Sunday's match at Mestalla against Valencia C.F.

"The team is well prepared. We have worked well. I see the team looking forward to playing this match against Valencia," said Pellegrino.

"The loss hits you, but it is part of our life... We understand that, as life itself, this sport has ups and downs. It is part of the sport and of the everyday. We understand this. What we can't afford to is of not giving everything in each training. Our success will be that the team empties and recover who we are. If the opponent beats you because they are better, but we have to try to give our best version," Pellegrino mentioned