Mauricio Pellegrino: “We will try to reach the 48 points, as planned”


17/05/2019 13:23

C.D. Leganés’ coach, Mauricio Pellegrino, attended a press conference on Friday morning in the I.D. Butarque before the last match of the season in the Alcoraz Stadium against S.D. Huesca.

We will try to reach the 48 points, as planned during the beginning of the season. It is a beautiful match to enjoy and try to change last match’s feeling. Hopefully everything goes right. I think the team’s form is a great one because they have worked well and I trust the match will be a really good one,” said Mauricio.

“When playing at a top level there is a lot to risk, because is very difficult to have chances and when you play a bad match you lose trust. Otherwise, if you play a good match, with good attitude, the feeling is different. We play for the pride of winning a match with Leganés in First Division, which is very important,” explained the cucumber coach in regard to the last match of the season.