Mehdi Nafti: "We gave a mature and comprehensive performance; I get that the fans will puff their chests out a bit with this news, but we won't"


28/11/2021 16:45

C.D. Leganés manager, Mehdi Nafti, spoke to the press after the Pepineros' home win this Sunday against U.D. Las Palmas that ended at 4-1.

"Well done to my boys who gave a mature and comprehensive performance, coping with the pressure when it came and developing our game. We're in a great rhythm, we could improve but you can't ask for more than this. I get that the fans will puff their chests out a bit with this news, but we won't. I'm not concerned by the table; all I want is a cohesive team that grows from week to week".

Breaking down the match, "it's impossible to play a team like Las Palmas and not concede goalscoring opportunities, we were prepared to deal with that and I don't remember them being straight in on goal much. They did get close but the team knew how to read the game; we closed the distance between our lines, we were a solid unit althought I would have liked to have hurt them more on the counter attack. Still, we have a squad that's very capable of handling the demands of the game".

On the players who participated in the victory, "no one's giving me a reason to bench them, they're all hungry, competitive, even the injured players have to be reigned in. I would have liked even more players to have got in on the party; I'll never leave them out if the boys deserve it".

Nafti also had a few special words for injured Fede Vico: "The win today is his and most of all for him".