Moisés Salinero: "Without the commitment of the families it would have been impossible to continue with the activity of the School".


25/06/2021 09:30

The C.D. Leganés School has continued its activity throughout the 2020-21 season adapting to the special conditions of the pandemic. The 620 children who are part of the School have continued to play tournaments, friendly matches and league games. 

Moisés Salinero, Director of the C.D. Leganés School, especially highlights the work of the coaches and the families, who "have made an incredible effort within the difficulties we have had" and "we have to be proud of the work that has been done this year" because "without the commitment of the families, it would have been impossible to carry this out". 
The School has managed to maintain the continuity of the teams and make this year "a good season, despite the difficulties". 

Results of the teams in competitions

At a competitive level, Salinero highlights "the good work done by all the teams in classifications", which means that "the training is going in the right direction". The Juvenil has been promoted to Preferente, the Infantil A has been promoted to Autonómica, the Alevín C has been promoted to Alevín Preferente and the Benjamín C has been champion of the local league. In addition, the teams have always finished in the top four in the tournaments they have played during the season. 
For this reason, the Director of the School wants to highlight the good performance of the teams and makes special emphasis on "the good image of the club for all the tournaments and all the fields where we go" and in "the education of our parents, their know-how on the fields and also that of our players and coaches". It is very important for C.D. Leganés "to give that image to all the fields in Madrid". 

Measures to avoid COVID-19 contagion

Regarding the measures taken by the School to avoid contagion by coronavirus, Moisés Salinero affirms that throughout the season "the measures that the Federation and the City Council of Leganés have sent us have been maintained", among which are "frequent hand washing, use of masks, safety distance, taking temperature...". 
In addition, he emphasizes that the children are the ones who "have adapted better to these rules, with no problems whatsoever". For him, it is "surprising" that children "as young as five and six years old have adapted so well to the difficulties and have trained with a mask and keeping their distance". 

Goals for the 2021-22 season

With a view to next season, Salinero has set the School the goal of "growing in quality by improving training, training coaches and children both in terms of sports and values". 
Finally, at a sporting level, "we will try to ensure that the work that has been done from the bottom, the children see it reflected in the higher categories such as youth, cadets and children".