Mr. Dillon, from the Portland Pickles, met Super Pepino and Butarque


13/09/2019 14:56

On Friday morning, the Portland Pickles' mascot, Dillon the Pickle (Super Pepino's long lost brother), visited the Butarque Stadium. SuperPepino hosted and organized a tour of the cucumber fortress. In addition, to close the visit, both mascots took a picture with the cucumber squad.

Mr. Dillon, Portland Pickles' mascot, arrived early and there was SuperPepino to receive him with open arms. Both long lost brothers reunited and visited the cucumber facilities.

There was an t-shirt exchange between both mascots and Mr. Dillon got to visit the cucumber locker room, where he found a locker with his jersey. In addition, to complete the day, the cucumber squad, which trained on Friday morning at the stadium, had a chance to meet Mr. Dillon, then taking a family photo.

Mr. Dillon will be outside the stadium tomorrow along with SuperPepino taking pictures with fans and will be presented to the public at Butarque Stadium before the match.