Mr. Dillon, from the Portland Pickles, will be present in Butarque on Saturday


11/09/2019 10:16

Next Saturday before the match against Villarreal, the mascot of the Portland Pickles, collegiate baseball team, will visit Butarque Stadium. The mascot of the team is a pickle (related to Super Pepino) and decided to pay a visit to his Spanish relative.

SuperPepino is all over the world and Mr. Dillon's visit proves it, another mascot but this time from an American baseball team, specifically from Portland, Oregon. Mr. Dillon will arrive in Spain on Friday and will meet SuperPepino in Butarque.

On Saturday, before the match, both mascots will be outside the stadium to take pictures with fans and later they will be officially presentated inside the stadium where they will participate in the team's exit and half time.