Staff and schedule confirmed for the Cantera Pepinera 2021/2022 season


23/08/2021 09:45

C.D. Leganés can confirm the schedule for its 13 teams that comprise the Cantera Pepinera. The Real Federación de Fútbol de Madrid has officially released the information on the competitive groupings for 2021/22.

C.D. Leganés 'C' managed by Faisa will reprise its place in Grupo 4 de Primera Regional. Their league opener will take place on the weekend of 18-19th September as they host A.D. Alcorcón 'C'.


Juvenil 'A' will remain in the highest category of youth football for another year. The pepineros will be amongst the best academies in Spain. The squad will be helmed by Sergio Solís and will compete in Grupo 5 de División de Honor together with 17 other clubs including Real Madrid C.F., Atlético de Madrid, Real Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano and Burgos C.F. The first game will be played away against Rayo Vallecano on the weekend of 4-5th September.

Raúl Huertas takes charge of Juvenil 'B' for a new season in Grupo 12 de Nacional. Their league debut is at home against A.D. Torrejón C.F. 'A' the weekend of 11-12th September.

Juvenil 'C' is to be coached by Diego Muriarte and will compete in Grupo 2 de Primera División Autonómica. Their campaign opens at C.D. Móstoles URJC 'B' on the weekend of 18-19th September. 


Álvaro Herradón continues as coach of Cadete 'A', who this season compete in the Superliga created by the Real Federación de Fútbol de Madrid against clubs like Real Madrid C.F., Atlético de Madrid, A.D. Alcorcón, Getafe C.F. and Rayo Vallecano to name a few. 

Cadete 'B' will be overseen by Manuel Rueda. The pepineros will play in the División de Honor but still await their fixture schedule.


Infantil 'A' is coached by Francisco Javier Fernandez (Kiko) will play in the Superliga infantil, the highest level of children's football in Madrid, among another 16 clubs

Infantil 'B' will be trained by José Luis and are placed in the Divisón de Honor, though their group is yet to be decided.


Alevín 'A' have coach Adrián Cascos at the top and also play in División de Honor, with their group undetermined. On the other hand, Alevín 'B', which is managed by Ignacio Díaz, will compete in División de Honor Fútbol 7, the highest juvenile division for the first time. 

Benjamines y Prebenjamín

Benjamín 'A' will be headed by Alberto Acedo in the Primera División Autonómica de Fútbol-7 while Benjamín 'B' is under Gerardo Martínez. Both teams await notice of their groupings. Lastly, Alberto Galisteo will be head coach of Prebenjamín 'A' who will play again in Preferente.