Students from a school in Asturias surprise Josemi “The Spider”, goalkeeper for C.D. Leganés Genuine


25/02/2019 19:48

C.D. Leganés received a few weeks ago a video of some students from La Salle of Ujo, in Mieres, Asturias, to thanks, support and know better Josemi “The Spider”, goalkeeper for C.D. Leganés in LaLiga Genuine.

Last Thursday, C.D. Leganés surprised Josemi and his father Juanjo with this video and drawings sent through postal service to the club’s offices by the students of La Salle. Drawings by Bea, Daniela, Eva, Aroa, Fátima, Illán, Laura, Nicole, Óscar and Ariadna, and a letter by their professors Marta and Rafa. “Thanks for giving me way more strength than the one I already had,” stated an emotionally affected Josemi after observing the video and drawings.

The C.D. Leganés Foundation thanks the students and professors for the love and support given, and thanks Josemi for making them a little more cucumbers.