Twelve years have passed since Victoria Pavón and Felipe Moreno arrived at C.D. Leganés


24/12/2020 12:00

The C.D. Leganés is celebrating this December 24, 2020 the twelfth anniversary of the arrival of Victoria Pavón, president, and Felipe Moreno, vice-president, to the pepineros entity. Twelve years of work since that Christmas 2008 when they both took over the management of the club.

In spite of the enormous difficulties of the beginnings, when the club was playing in the Second Division 'B' and was dragging along serious economic problems, and also of the current ones, the constant and daily work of all the members of the club during these seasons, as well as the strength and support of the fans, both in good times and in bad times, have been the basis of a solid sport and social project that has allowed to reach its main objective: that the neighbors of Leganés feel proud of the soccer club of their city.
The club has already played in the Second Division 'B' for twelve seasons, three in the Second Division and four in the maximum category. During this time, the club has experienced four play-offs for promotion to the Second Division, a promotion to the Second Division, a historic promotion to the First Division or a semi-final of the King's Cup after eliminating Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Work, enthusiasm and ambition

In this way the facilities have been improved, building a new Sports City and expanding the Municipal Stadium Butarque, has worked on improving the daily conditions of the players, coaching staff and soccer base, has given the fans the role it deserves, has been careful and improved relations with sponsors and institutions, has increased the involvement of the club with the social and business of their city and have been corrected deficiencies in the internal functioning of the entity.
Work, illusion and ambition have been and are the basic pillars of a C.D. Leganés that is aware that it has to keep on striving to improve every day in the world of soccer. With the aim of always growing and improving as an entity, without ever forgetting where you come from to know where you are and where you are going.