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A fighting Leganés falls in Pamplona on the last minute (2-1)

C.D Leganés could not get any points after their visit to Osasuna (2-1). The pepineros had control of the match and more occasions than their rivals but two goals scored by Enric Moreno (one un the first half and the last on the 95’ overshadowed an amazing goal by Avilés.

Javier Aguirre’s initial squad had some changes compared to the last game. On this occasion Awaziem, Tarín, Siovas, Assalé, Roque Mesa and Bryan Gil got to play from the start.

Enric Gallego scored for the locals on their first shot on goal

As happened against Real Valladolid, Barcelona and Real Mallorca, the rival’s first shoot ended up with a goal: on the 8’ Fran Mérida crossed the ball from the left and Enric Gallego scored with a volley to give the lead to Osasuna. Leganés reacted with two occasions by Aitor Ruibal but the defense blocked them. Guerrero also tried with no luck after Sergio Herrera got the ball.

The white and blues continued trying through Guerrero with a bicycle kick that did not reach the goal and Kevin Rodrigues with a right foot kick that went wide. Roque Mesa also tried with a shoot that went up. Kevin had another chance from a free kick and later Ruibal but none of them with luck for the pepineros. On the 37’ it was Bryan the one who almost score but Herrera won the duel. The first leg ended with a balance of 9 shoots for Lega versus one for Osasuna, unfortunately the pepineros went to the dressing room down by one goal.

Superb Goal for Avilés

After half-time, Javier Aguirre made a double substitution with the purpose of having a more offensive approach: Rosales and Avilés replaced Awaziem and Aitor Ruibal. Guerrero had the first chance of the second half after an assistance by Avilés. The yout player was the one who tied up the match with a superb kick from outside on the 49’. This is the first goal for Avilés with the team.

Leganés continued looking for the comeback through Kevin Rodrigues but Sergio Herrera with an amazing save sent the ball to the corner. Bryan Gil on the 60’ made the ball touch the post after a strong left-footed kick just some minutes before he was replaced by Jonathan Silva.

Gallego scored the winning goal for the locals on the 95’

Both teams continued looking after the win. On the 79’ Eraso replaced Assalé. Another youth player got into the match on added time as Manu Garrido replaced Roque Mesa, making his debut on first division.

Cuéllar stopped Cardona’s shoot on the 93’ and Eraso tried with a header but could not reach the goal just before Gallego shot a strong kick that Cuéllar sent to corner kick. On the 95’ Enric Gallego scored the second goal for the locals with a header.

Leganés has 25 points on the table and will face Sevilla next Tuesday (21:00h) at Butarque.