C.D. Leganés freshens their international profile

C.D. Leganés welcome Faissal Chehade as the new director of their international outreach to continue to promote the Leganés brand beyond Spain and to reinforce the work through the Pepinera International football academy.

At 27, Faissal has extensive experience in sports training as well as the management and coordination of internal academies at Regional Sports in Abu Dhabi and A.D. Alcorcón, where he headed the international department for the last two seasons with excellent results. Of Palestinian origin, and fluent in three languages, Faissal grew up and trained in Abu Dhabi to carve out a professional future in the world of football, testament to his great commitment and professionalism.  

C.D. Leganés would like to thank his predecessor José Antonio González for all the work he has done for the club and wishes him the best of luck in his personal and professional futures.