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Ignasi Miquel: “I am happy and excited to help the team”

Ignasi Miquel was officially presented as C.D Leganés’ new player. The central defender from Cataluña arrives on loan from Getafe C.F. He is thankful for the opportunity and hopes to have a good season.

C.D Leganés sports director Txema Indias welcomed the defender: “He is a player that left his home when he was young and had experience in England. He made his debut with Arsenal and has had a relevant career playing for teams in first and second division. The manager knows him and understand what he can do. Welcome and thank you for joining our project. We are happy with the central defenders we have: Ignasi is strong, has good aerial skills, good ball control and great shoot. With him we have closed our defensive line”.

“I know what I want and I come to help in the pitch”

Ignasi Miquel was pleased about his arrival at the Club: “I am thankful for being here. I have had to hard weeks for what happened with Girona and now I am happy and excited. I understand what I want after what has happened with Girona. I have come to help on the pitch, the dressing room and alongside with my teammates”.

“The clubs agreed on the terms quickly”, he said and “knowing the mister is a plus because you understand how he works and what he will ask from your work. I am thrilled to start playing. I have been with the club for a week and I am working to be ready to compete and help my teammates”.

“I believe in my conditions and will never lower my arms”

Miquel thinks that the internal competition is positive for him and the team as well: “I understand the competition, but I also believe in my conditions and will never lower my arms. This is a long league, there are injuries and we all will have minutes and opportunities to perform. Competition is always a good thing”.

The '20' does not describe himself as a player: “The people are the ones that should give their opinions about me. I like to play defensively but I am more aggressive than before. I always watched Puyol when I was younger, he was my reference, a leader on the pitch that made his teammates better”.

We must continue improving and learning”

He analyzed the start of the season and last match against Lugo at Anxo Carro: “When you start winning at a pitch such as Lugo’s you need to try to hold into the result and stop the rhythm a bit. But you need to live these things from the experience, so they do not happen again. Thing will be hard but with hard work we must try to get points away”

Start winning is always important and yesterday we had a good first half. We even had some chances to increase our lead in the second half. These things happen often when you miss to close the match. We must continue improving and learning. My left foot gives me a difference from my teammates. I come here to put my best to try to play”.