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Michael Santos: “Trust me, I will give my best for this club”

C.D Leganés has officially presented Uruguayan Forward Michael Santos as its new player. He was excited for a new stage at the club and said he did not doubt about coming back when the club contacted him.

C.D Leganés sports director Txema Indias welcomed the forward: “We could not enjoy his potential on his first stage with us because of injuries and low continuity. But this is the profile we were looking for and I believe it suits to the manager’s requirements. We agreed quickly and he was glad to return. I thank him for betting for us”.

Michael thanked the club’s trust and hopes to have a successful second stage at the club: “What happened remains in the past, I will give my best for the club. The first days have been intense but I am happy to be here. There are old teammates and the club´s structure is improving, I see new facilities that will help us in the day-to-day”.

“Once I knew they wanted me, I did not doubt it”

The Uruguayan was clear about his desire to return to the club: “There is a new coaching staff and an encouraging project to get promoted to First Division. Once I knew they wanted me, I did not doubt it and it became a priority to return. Now it is a different category, when you pay in second division you must fight for everything. We must use our occasions to score goals since it is an equal category”.

He also gave his opinion about the season: “Performance continuity and will to score are key. I come here to help the team. The manager is the one that decides but once I get my opportunity, I will try to perform the best I can. Trust me, I will give my best for this club as I always do”.