Rubén Pérez enters the top 20 of players with the most official games for C.D. Leganés.

C.D. Leganés midfielder Rubén Pérez entered last night among the twenty players with the most official matches in the history of C.D. Leganés since data has been available. The player from Seville equaled Mariano I in the twentieth position of the ranking with 161 matches with the Blue and Whites' shirt.

At 32, Rubén Pérez is in his fifth season at C.D. Leganés since arriving in 2016. Since then, he has participated in 118 First Division matches (the most in the pepinera history in the top flight), 33 in the Second Division and 10 in the Copa del Rey, in which he scored a goal.

Player with more games with Leganés in the First Division and second with more appearances of the current squad.

With his presence in Anduva, the Blue and Whites' '21' equaled Mariano Rodríguez, "Mariano I", a midfielder from the late eighties who played for five seasons at the club and who closed the top 20 so far with the data available from 1975 to the present. Ahead of him is May, whom he could overtake on the last league matchday, while among his current teammates, he is only surpassed by Javier Eraso, in eleventh position in the historical ranking with 197 appearances.

The top 20 is now as follows:

Aguilera (460 games)
Miguel Ángel (302)
Óscar (300)
Dorado (286)
Raúl Arribas (221)
Julián Merino (216)
Pedro (211)
David (209)
Mesas (209)
Julián Ronda (205)
Eraso (197)
Diego (183)
Raúl Moreno (175)
Moris (173)
Chuso (170)
Moreno (168)
Mantovani (167)
Ángel Merino (164)
May (163)
Ruben Perez (161)