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“We work for an economic, social and sports stability”.

Club Deportivo Leganés S.A.D. is chaired since 2009/10 season by Dª Victoria Pavón Palomo. She’s in  charge of an entity with more than 88 years of history and that consists of the right management of 57 football teams: 45 belonging to schools, 12 to the youth teams and one to the First Team that in the present day is part of La Liga Santander, playing matches in the Municipal Butarque Stadium with a capacity for 10.922 spectators.

For the right management, the club has six departments: Administration and Finances, Security, Marketing and Communications, Installations and Maintenance, Sports Direction, and Youth Football, the last one divided in School, Academy and High Performance

C.D. Leganés has 9.092 season ticket holders, and a social and media transcendence, both in their area and beyond, much bigger.

The effort, work and commitment of all its members are the main endorsement that the Club has.

“From the Club Deportivo Leganés, we work every day to keep an economic, social and sports stability so that our entire city and supporter can feel proud of the club and can enjoy every Sunday with their team and their academy.

Based on hope, love and professionalism, we try to achieve it by every mean possible. In any case, we are always and will always be thankful for the expressions of support that we constantly receive. It helps us keep fighting.”

Victoria Pavón, President

Club Deportivo Leganés.



Victoria Pavón Palomo

Businesswoman specialized in real estate. She has developed her professional career in Leganés, city where she was born and has lived since then. Took charge of the club in the summer of 2009. From that moment, the club has been deeply modernized under her guidance, going from playing in Second Division B to playing in the First Division for the first time in their history.


Felipe Moreno Romero

Born in Córdoba in 1958, he moved with his family to Leganés when he was only a child. Entrepreneur, hard worker and constant in his day to day, he began in the business world at an early age, highlighting in the field of hospitality and real estate, in addition to other sectors. In December 2008 he accepted with his family the challenge of economically rescuing the club to place him seven seasons later in the best league in the world.


Ángel Sánchez García

Born in 1951 and specialized in banking where he worked for more than 30 years, 25 of those in management. He arrived at the club as secretary with the arrival of Felipe Moreno.


Juan Antonio Ortiz Bernal

Neighbor from the city of Leganés and businessman from Fuenlabrada, he contributes autristically to the sports development in both cities, not being a shareholder for C.D. Leganés.