C.D. Leganés defeated at El Plantío (4-0)


23/01/2022 15:50

C.D. Leganés were defeated on their visit to Burgos C.F. (4-0). Juanma's hat trick and Valcarce's goal won the match for the locals over a 10-man Leganés, after Bustinza received two bookings in the second half.

Juanma bagged two in the first half alongside Valcarce to give Burgos the first half advantage

Leganés started the game with two changes to the XI that opened their previous match, with Rodri Tarín stepping into the back line and Yoel Bárcenas set to operate down the left flank of the pepinero attack. Burgos managed to take the lead on their first approach towards goal: a rapid counter move from Juanma beating Villar between the sticks. The locals doubled then their margin soon after in the 21' thanks to a headed effort from Valcarce off a free kick.

Javi Hernández in the 25’ seemed to reignite the blanquiauzl vanguard with a hard shot from the edge of the box, echoed by Bárcenas' sprint onto the end of a right-wing delivery, yet neither was able to direct their shots on target. It was in the 32’ that Juanma got a vital touch to convert once again for Burgos to record his second of the game. The first half came to a close after Rubén Pardo's test on Herrera, whose dive sufficed to neutralise the attacking threat.

Juanma secured a hat trick over 10-man Leganés

Three adjustments were made to the blanquiazules during the half time break, with Bustinza, Quintillà and Sabin Merino coming on to replace Bruno, Tarín and Gaku. Quintillà was keen to make an impact by driving the ball forward in the 54' but his shot did not prove enough to overpower Herrero. Referee Ávalos Barrera awarded a second yellow card to Bustinza in the 59', prompting Recio's substitution for Luis Perea to reinforce the central defense. 

Unfortunately, Perea himself succumbed to injury in the 74' and had to be substituted back onto the bench, this time with Arnaiz taking the field. Burgos scored their final goal of the game in the form of Juanma's hat trick. Leganés hold 26 points in the league table so far; their next fixture will be held at the Butarque and is scheduled for Sunday 30th January at 14:00 (CET) against neighbouring A.D. Alcorcón.

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4-0 Go Live
  • A. Herrero
  • Aitor Córdoba (68')
  • Miguel Ángel Rubio
  • Zabaco
  • Elgezabal
  • Matos (84')
  • Álvaro Rodríguez
  • P. Valcarce (79')
  • Andy (84')
  • Juanma (79')
  • Guillermo


  • Ernesto Gómez (80')
  • Mumo (69')
  • J. A. Caro
  • Saúl Berjón (80')
  • Eneko Undabarrena (85')
  • Fran García (85')
  • Riki
  • Roberto Alarcon
  • Iván Villar
  • Javi Hernández
  • R. Tarín (45')
  • Bruno (45')
  • Palencia
  • Gaku (45')
  • Recio (60')
  • R. Pardo
  • Y. Bárcenas
  • Lazar Randjelovic
  • Bautista


  • Jose Arnáiz (75')
  • Sabin Merino (45')
  • Riesgo
  • Naim
  • Quintillà (45')
  • Borja Garcés
  • Cisse
  • Bustinza M. (45')
  • Sergio
  • Luis Perea (61') (74')
  • Juan Muñoz


El Plantío (8.362 spectators)


  • 1-0 (12'). Juanma
  • 2-0 (22'). P. Valcarce
  • 3-0 (32'). Juanma
  • 4-0 (77'). Juanma


Rubén Ávalos Barrera awarded Elgezabal (63') from Burgos CF y R. Tarín (38'), Bustinza M. (47')(59'), Javi Hernández (67'), Sabin Merino (86') from CD Leganés.