"CD Leganés and I want to keep growing"


10/07/2018 14:06

CD Leganés presented Mauricio Pellegrino this Tuesday morning: The Argentinian coach was accompanied by the General Manager, Martín Ortega, and the Sporting Director, Txema Indias.

Pellegrino greeted individually each of the journalists before beginning with his speech:

"I thank CD Leganés for the ease. I very much value to train in the best competition of the world. For me it is a privilege to be working for CD Leganés."

The new coach explained why he chose to CD Leganés: "I want the same things that they want. CD Leganés and I want to keep growing."

Asked about the legacy of the last coach, he said: "The past and the history are very important for the club, but the past doesn´t play. I want to keep growing and I also want Leganés to grow. We will continue to protect the fundamental values of the club."

Also, Pellegrino spoke about the target os the team: "The football is unpredictable. We all need to work with humility. I want a united assemblage. The target is to win the first game."