CD Leganés promote The Animation Stand


30/05/2018 22:13

CD Leganés promote The Animation Stand

  • It grows from 474 to 740 seats.
  • Access, bar and own bathrooms
  • Here you can enjoy standing
  • No one can claim another who isn't standing.
  • From 100 € for youngsters under 25 years
  • Price of 160 € and new members 175 €. On the other hand, those under 25 years of age (born from 1993, this year included) with a renewal price of 100 €  and a new registration of 110 €.

Rules of access to the Animation Stand

  1. Prohibited the access of all political symbols. The only flags or banners accepted will be those of C.D. Leganés and the city.
  2. Prohibited symbols of another LaLiga team.
  3. Prohibited insults and/or offensive chants, respecting the current regulations of the Ley del Deporte.
  4. Open to everyone under 50 years of age who wants to cheer standing.
  5. Each member of the Animation Stand (GDA) will have a representative for any incident, always in contact with the Club Security Department.