Lessors Real Estate presented as CD Leganés Genuine main sponsor


24/01/2019 17:10

CD Leganés are glad to announce Lessors Real State as our new sponsor. This time, the focus will be in a new social project as LaLiga Genuine, a competition that promotes social inclusion in people with disabilities. The presentation was made with the presence of Martin Ortega, CD Leganés general director, Oscar Bellette, Lessor Real Estate General Director, Carlos Perez, Group Amas president, Jose "The Spider", CD Leganés Genuine keeper and Unai Bustinza, CD Leganés captain.

Martin Ortega expressed his gratitude to our new sponsor: "I want to thank Lessors Real Estate for the support, trust and hope they've had on the project from the start". On the other hand, Oscar Bellete thanked the club: "We want to thank the club for giving us the chance to be part of this project. At Lessors Real Estate we are very identied with the Genuine team, we both are a young project and we share so much hope, work and effort, and we are sure that together we'll have a tremendous success. With this project all of us win, and to be hand in hand with C.D. Leganés make us very proud".

Lessors Real Estate is a company dedicated to real estate based in Madrid and that without any doubts stands out from the competition because of the quality of their services, creating all round solutions to make any real state change a quick, fluid and problem free operation thanks to the Lessors Assistants.

This deal is just the beginning of one ever lasting relationship between two institutions with only one objective and hunger for success.