Szymanowski: "We will achieve something positive at Camp Nou if we have faith and order".


03/04/2018 19:15

Alexander Szymanowski is recovering after his operation and he will be at Goldenpark (c/Travessera de Gràcia 48, Barcelona) next April 6, 20:00 h.. There, he will talk with cucumbers fans and media in an event organized by Goldenpark.es.

The Cucumber player is happy after the operation: "I feel pretty good, the postoperative period is very positive. I was afraid of night pains but I'm sleeping very well. My family is with me and everything has been great. I'm walking and I'm very satisfied. I have started rehabilitation and it will be many weeks of recovery. With patience and tranquility. The important thing is how to return and not when".

Szymanowski also talked about the team's moment: "I'm seeing the team well. With Leganés DNA. Competing against anyone. The first months of the year were hard but then the team kept up the effort and intensity. We have to keep doing it until the end. We play against the best players in the world every week and get good things. I'm happy to see my teammates play at this level".

Finally, the Leganés player analyzed the game against FC Barcelona: "It seems impossible to achieve something positive in the Camp Nou. We were close last year. We will achieve something positive in the Camp Nou if we have faith and order. Do not despair and maybe lose a bit of fear. We know that Barcelona is a great team, but we will be brave. We will show our best version".

"The eleven players and the three substitutes are very important. The substitutes were the ones that scored and made the assist last year. I hope that FC Barcelona have a bad day. We will have options if their stars have the worst day".

Alexander Szymanowski will be accompanied by another Leganés CD player whose name is still a surprise. Goldenpark.es will give out gifts and arrange competitions for the audience during the event at Goldenpark Traveserra.