The extaordinary firts year of Women's football


24/05/2018 17:55

Women's football of C.D. Leganés will play at the end of a historic season with extraordinary results next weekend.

The Infantil of Alejandro Framil has achieved a total of 30 points (21 games) in Group 6. The cucumber team is fifth with a balance of 8 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses before the last day of the championship.

Meanwhile, Rubén Jiménez's Juvenil Women have achieved 52 points i(25 matches) in Group 3 of Primera. The blue and white team will try to win their eighteenth game of the season against the C.D. Ciempozuelos on Sunday at 13:15 in the AnexoJesus Polo. They will finish in a fantastic fourth position.

The Club thanks to the players for their sacrifice, commitment and work, as well as thanking the families for their support. Also, we highlight the great work done by coaches Alejandro and Rubén on the first anniversary of the women's football cucumber.