Raúl Arribas, manager of the Dental Group Domenech: “C.D. Leganés provide us the opportunity that a lot of subscribers have us as a referent consultant.

We’ve known a Dental Domenech with Raúl Arribas, manager of the company and ex goalkeeper of the pepinero team between the years 1998 and 2005, being the fifth player with more official matches (221) in the history of C.D. Leganés. Raúl approaches us to know better the clinics of the group and the importance of oral health. 

  • Define Dental, Domenech:

Dental Group Domenech is a clinic that was on its way in 2009. The main idea is that the clinic gives a preferential treatment to the patient for a non traumatic visit to the dentist. In addition to this we use the last technologies and we are immersed in the digital flow. 

  • We could say that the relationship between Dental and C.D. Leganés have an idyllic history. In your opinion what is the weight or importance that Leganés have on the brand and why do you keep trusting us after so many years?

The relationship started with my past as a player of C.D. Leganpes during seven seasons. Ones retired I decided to start my own business in the city that gave me the opportunity to grow as a player. C.D. Leganés gave me the opportunity that a lot of subscribers of the club came to me and asked for a consultation date, and nowadays they still come to our consulting room and give a reference to our subscribers. 

  • The first thing that appears on our website is the clear message: Health starts with the mouth. Could you explain that to us?

The mouth disease can have a negative effect on our general health , but they have as well another repercussions in our lives as on the personal relationships and confidence in yourself. 

  • Do you think that nowadays people have a conscience on oral health and there is education to prevent any mouth disease?

Now at days the people are aware of the importance of the care of the mouth and at least everyone goes to the dentist one time on a year for a dental revision, and over everything with the kids the fathers detect any different dental issues such as cavities, malformation on other they run to a dental center. 

  • A lot of people show respect to go to the dentist, however you showed yourself to be friendly and natural. What services do you offer to the clients and what is the experience they got at your clinics?

We try to ensure that the clients that arrive at our Dental Group Domenech get a  nice treatment from the first moment they start with the process until they finish it. We offer all the dental treatments: conservative, pediatric dentistry, invisible orthodontics, surgery, implantology, dental aesthetics and over all the things the digital flow with intraoral scanner. 

  • In the last few years have you varied your services? How did you start?

We try to keep updated with the dental sector using the last techniques

  • You have in actuality a lot of clinics in the south of Madrid. What are the plans you have for expanding yourself? 

We got two clinics, one in Leganés and the other one in Alcorcón. We have plans to expand ourselves in the future not far away. 

  • Without any doubt the covid 19 situation has consequences on all the sectors. How have you lived that situation on your enterprise? 

Last year was a good one. Taking into account the two years of the pandemic, we regret that some of our patients are not with us. In the last year Dental Group Domenech has grown thanks to our patients, doctors, laboratories and all the effort that we put in every day  so our clients will leave happy because the most important thing in the business is spreading the word.