C.D. Leganés and Carlos Martínez will together for the season 2022/23


18/05/2022 11:53

C.D. Leganés and Carlos Martínez will extend their relationship one more season. The trainer from Extremadura will continue for the next season as the coach of the second team on the Segunda División RFEF after the meritorious seventh place on the premiere of the team on the category.

 This will be the third consecutive season in which the coach of Llerena will be on the wheel of Leganés ‘B’. The first of this one as a first trainer, that achieve the promotion with the second team to the Segunda RFEF, while on the second season could maintain the promotion of the team in the category, achieving a seventh place that let the team near the Play-off promotions of the Primera RFEF.

Eight seasons on the club counting his stages as player and coach.

Under the management at Leganés ‘B’  he has achieved 50% of victories (30 victories of 60 matches) and have helped various players to play at the first team, or being part of the squad  like Cissé, or somo of theme that have official minute like Javi Rubio, Diego García, Cássio, Junior or Mario Rivas. Besides that, Naim García has passed this season definitively to the first team having the pass of a professional. 

At his 41 years, and with a big trajectory as a player, Carlos Martínez played five seasons at Leganés, divided in two stages (between 2007 and 2010, and 2012 to 2014), playing 155 matches with the blue and white shirt in which he scored twenty-two goals, and reaching the historic promotion to Segunda División on the year 2014.

After his retirement in 2019, he entered Leganés ‘B’ being part of the technique team and as well being part of the staff of Javier Aguirre on the first team, starting next year his first phase as trainer in 2020/21. He is a Pepinero icon that will be at the club one more season.