C.D. Leganés and Unai Bustinza will not continue together


01/07/2022 13:25

C.D. Leganés and Unai Bustinza will not continue together in the next season 2022/23. The 30-year-old Bilbao-born defender ends his time as a Leganés player after seven seasons at Butarque, in which he made 161 official appearances.

Bustinza joined Leganés in the summer of 2015 on loan from Athletic Club. In his first season at the club he achieved, along with the rest of his teammates, the historic promotion to the First Division in Anduva. Shortly after, he signed as a Pepinero player to start his career in the top flight.

Whether as a centre-back or as a full-back, Bustinza was earning minutes with all his coaches, increasing his participation season after season. His grit, courage and fighting spirit, both on and off the pitch, as well as his footballing qualities, were gradually impressed by his teammates and also by the fans, who saw themselves reflected on the pitch in a player who would end up becoming one of the team captains.

Seven seasons and 161 official matches as a 'pepinero' (player of the pepinero team)

The '3' (with that number since his second season at the club) would end up becoming the second player of the club with more games in LaLiga Santander, reaching the hundred games in Primera. After two renewals, in 2019 and 2021, he completed seven seasons in the LaLiga shirt, with a total of 161 official matches (21st in the all-time ranking) in which he scored two goals, both in Butarque against Real Madrid C.F. and Sevilla F.C.

The club would like to thank Bustinza for his commitment, values and involvement during the seven seasons he has worn the Leganés shirt, wishing him the best of luck on a personal and professional level in the future. Thank you very much, Bus!