C.D Leganés Femenine Senior team for a victory against Cantera F.C to keep in the fight


25/03/2022 09:48

C.D. Leganés Femenine Senior team will face another important match against Cantera F.C. (Sunday, 17:30) at the stadium Gabriel Fernández. Our team needs a victory to keep on fighting for the promotion. The local team got defeated last gameweek against A.D. Colmenar Viejo. 

After the comeback that the team got last gameweek against C.D. Samper ‘B’ last match (5-3) the Senior team wanted to relive another great afternoon, this time against Cantera. Our team arrive as provisional leaders of the classification and face a team far away from home to a team that is fighting for relegation. Cantera F.C will face the match with the need of adding the three points, and our team will need a victory to keep dreaming with the promotion. 

Both teams need the victory for different reasons, making this a close and complicated match, due to the fact of the battle of the three points. The Senior arrived to this match after the amazing comeback of last Sunday when they overcame a 1-3 to C.D Samper ‘B’  and took the three golden points. The direct rivals are Futbolellas C.F.F or Las Rozas C.F, that are some points behind, that is why our pepinero team should not make any error if they want to keep the dream of the promotion, a defeat can let them out. 

On the front they will have Cantera F.C. They are 15 on the table with 23 points in 24 matches, even though they did not start the season, they have made three consecutive victories in the last five matches, 9 points on their 23 points in the last five matches. These have been some numbers that make them climb positions, but they keep fighting, that is why our Senior team needs to be focused if they do not want the match to get difficult. 

A rain of goals in the last match between these two teams

In the first leg match, the Senior defeated Cantera (5-4) in a match with nine goals. Our team needed to work a lot in this match, the five goals were a art of Vane the last of them was on minute 90 for giving us the triumph. 

The only thing left is go for everything on the last matches

The pepinero coach, Jero Martos, assured on the preview of the match that it will be a complicated match despite the difference on the classification table. It will be a Sunday, “hard working and a fight on every ball in every minute of the match”. The rivals on the table do not fall such as Las Rozas or Futbolellas, that is why against Cantera F.C. “There is nothing else that goes for everything” as well as “In every match that is left to dispute”. About the rival on sunday the coach assure that it is a difficult rival and that getting the three points will have a high price, “we will go on the pitch and give it everything, we will leave everything on the field and it will be a difficult match and we need to work too much for adding the three points that we desire every week”, told the coach.

Rest of the matches of the section.

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  • Cadete – Atlético de Madrid (sunday, 16h, estadio Anexo Jesús Polo)
  • Infantil ‘A’ – C.D. Móstoles URJC (sunday, 19:30h, Pvo La Cantera)
  • D. Arroyofresno – Infantil ‘B’ (sunday, 10:10h, Cotorruelo)