C.D Leganés realize the second edition of the project “La Biblioteca del Lega”


20/04/2022 18:00

C.D. Leganés and the fundation celebrate this wednesday the second edition of the project “La Biblioteca del Lega”, in which the main objective is to reinforce the lecture and the sports values for the younglings hand by hand with the persons that might be reference for the students of the differents schools and the city of Leganés. 

This activity was realize for the first time on may 2021, and in this occasion it coincide with the day of the book that is celebrated next 23 of april, the students of fourth of primary of the CEIP Pío Baroja of our city could realize the visit to the Stadium at Butarque, that arrives on the official bus of the club, TheBus OnTime alongside with the official mascot of the club SuperPepino. 

The students participate in the first contest of stories of “La Biblioteca del Lega” and could meet Javi Hernández and Yoel Bárcenas

Already in the stadium, the kids could read and deliver each one of them a short tale that were written by the same boys and girls with the sport as the main topic, and they need to include the slogan “En Leganés los sueños se cumplen”, participating on the first contest of stories of “La Biblioteca del Lega”. The authors of the best stories received as a prize the official shirt of the club and a VIP experience for them with their families.

 After that, they could meet the pepineros football players, Javi Hernández and Yoel Bárcenas, that talk with them about their experience and the sports values that they got day after day, as well about the importance of continuing every day with their formation. After that the students have the opportunity to take some photos and receive some signed cards at the end of the activity, as well as some merchandising of the club and invitation for the next match at Butarque, next monday 2 of may (18:30 hoursI) against S.D. Huesca.