Fundación C.D. Leganés present on the release of the agreement of inclusion social labor with LaLiga and Burger King.


31/03/2022 11:38

Fundación C.D. Leganés was present this wednesday on the presentation on the inclusión of social and labor presented by LaLiga, the Fundación and Burger King thanks for the last one that is hiring progressively players for LaLiga Genuine Santander so they can form the squad for Spain. 

In only one month, the chain has incorporated seventeen different persons to diverse restaurants, a number that will increase during the advance of the season. It is a program that C.D. Leganés is in with their players of the Genuine team that can benefit from this. 

A big step for the equality of chances. 

At the act it was present the goalkeeper of C.D. Leganés Genuine, José Miguel del Barrio, “Josemi”, as well as the Fundación C.D. Leganés, also the players and  representatives of the foundation of Atlético de Madrid, Getafe C.F., Rayo Vallecano and C.F. Fuenlabrada. Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga, Gregorio Jiménez, President of Restaurant Brands Iberia and Jorge Carvalho, general director of Burger King in Spain and Portugal. 

For all of them, this project is of a big importance and a big step for the equality and opportunities, improvements and the growth of people, as well as the social independence of the players that are already incorporated in the restaurants of the company.