Leganés got a great victory against S.D. Huesca (2-1)


02/05/2022 20:30

Butarque against Leganés after the painful defeat against Málaga two weeks ago. The team faced S.D Huesca for the thirty-eight gameweek. The team had great match that achieved the victory for a result 2-1 with two goals from Cissé.

Even Though before the match there was a hail at Butarque, the match between Leganés and Huesca was played. Both teams face each other with the hope to achieve the  three points, for Lega it means to get back to the victory after three matches.  

Gerard scored the first goal, but Cissé equalized one minute before the end of the first half.

The first half started with a lot of energy for the home team, the players coached by Mehdi Nafti wanted to score a goal in the first half to get back to the victory path. In the first 15 minutes Lega got two different options on opening the gamescore, Gaku on the minute 8 shot inside the box and the keeper save the frame, then Borja Garcés tried again but the ball went a little bit high. 

The pepinero team keeps trying to score the goal that puts them in front of the match. Palencia, Rubén Pardo or Borja Garcés try but unfortunately the ball did not enter. but sometimes football isn't for the ones who deserved and in the minute 34’ on the second option for the visitors, Gerard score open the scoreboard after a quick transition. Nevertheless, this does not make the local team stop looking for the result. 

In the minute 37. There was a disallowed goal by Nyom due to an offside and later on the minute 44’ the man of the quarry, Cissé score the goal that made everyone at Butarque stand up and clap their hands. With a draw match by one goal the team entered the dressing rooms. 

Cissé the hero of Butarque

The second half did not change a lot, Lega continued with the control of the ball, and the options of the match. However, in this second half, the first shot for the local team was going inside the net. Cissé, the man of the match, scored his second goal of the match after a free kick, the 20 year old player entered inside the box and connected the ball to put Lega in front of the scoreboard in the minute 59’. 

Mehdi Nafti makes some changes to maintain the intensity of the pression in rival area and to keep the result in favor. The first two substitutions were on the minutes 66 when Bárcenas and Naim entered for Pardo and Javi Hernández. Then in the minute 75’ Randjelovic and Bautista entered for Arnaiz and Borja Garcés. However the stadium exploded with emotion at the end of the match in the minute 90’ when Cissé, the hero at Butarque today, was changed for Luis Perea. With this result the match ended with a victory for Leganés. 

LEG / J38 LaLiga SmartBank

2-1 Go Live
  • D. Jiménez
  • Javi Hernández
  • Sergio
  • Palencia
  • Nyom
  • Robert Ibáñez (65')
  • R. Pardo (65')
  • Jose Arnáiz (75')
  • Cisse (91')
  • Gaku
  • Borja Garcés (75')


  • Riesgo
  • K. Omeruo
  • Juan Muñoz
  • Lazar Randjelovic (76')
  • Bustinza M.
  • Bautista (76')
  • Bruno
  • Quintillà
  • Y. Bárcenas (66')
  • Luis Perea (92')
  • Naim (66')
  • Yacine
  • Andrés Fdez
  • Andrei Ratiu (85')
  • Insua
  • Miquel
  • Florian Miguel
  • Timor (70')
  • Gerard
  • Pedro Mosquera
  • Joaquín Muñoz (45')
  • Jaime Seoane (45')
  • Escriche (62')


  • Gaich (63')
  • J. Pulido
  • Mikel Rico (71')
  • Ferreiro (86')
  • Pablo Martínez (45')
  • Juan Carlos
  • Miguel San Román
  • Darío Poveda (45')


Estadio Municipal Butarque (4.416 spectators)


  • 0-1 (34'). Gerard
  • 1-1 (46'). Cisse
  • 2-1 (59'). Cisse


Rafael Sánchez López awarded Sergio (4'), R. Pardo (17'), Gaku (46') from CD Leganés y Escriche (32'), Insua (40') from SD Huesca.