Sergio González and Yacine Qasmi with two subscribers of Leganés participate at “El Reto Carrefour”


17/05/2022 10:20

The players from C.D Leganés, Sergio González and Yacine Qasmi participate on the “Reto Club Carrefour” alongside with two subscribers at the Carrefour of the Mall Plaza Nueva of our city, in which they needed to find three SuperPepinos and get two saving checks. 

The two winners of the raffle to participate on this challenge of Club Carrefour where Sergio Pérez that was couple with Qasmi, and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez that his partner was Sergio González. Both where subscribers of the team and they must find the place where our official mascot was hidden in the supermarket with three clues that they got. 

The winner of this challenge took a check of one hundred euros from the Club Carrefour and the other one got one of fifty euros. Do not miss this challenge and check out who was the fastest.