The pepinero aid is on its way to his destiny.


21/03/2022 17:30

Five pallets charged with sanitary material, medicines, food and hygiene products were delivered past saturday to the center of logistics available at the Hospital Isabel Zendal so it can be sent to Ukraine for helping on this humanitarian crisis that we are living at this moment. 

C.D. Leganés joined as a collaborator for the call of the Grada de Animación and the Federación de Peñas, as the organizers past 6 of march for the pepineros supporters to donate sanitary material such as first aid kits and other basic products. The big effort of the members have made this possible in this great social accion. 

Some people donate as well clothes, that will have the end of Ciudad Escuela de los Muchachos de Leganes for solidarity ends, due to the fact that this need whas cover on the logistic center at the Hospital Isabel Zendal.