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An important victory for C.D Leganés at home against C.F Fuenlabrada (3-2)

C.D. Leganés and C.F. Fuenlabrada faced each other at Butarque in a corresponding match of the thirty-four gameweek of la LigaSmartBank. Bouldini and Ontiveros scored for the visitors while Qasmi, Javi Hernández and Arnaiz made the same for Lega, 3-2 final result at Butarque, that completed nine matches without losing.

The last match of the thirty-four gameweek of LaLiga Smartbank and it was a dream for all the supporters at Butarque, they lived a fantastic comeback of the team after being down by the result for 0-2. Qasmi, Javi Hernández and Arnaiz score for a fantastic game at home.  

got some changes on the initial line up. Omeruo, Gaku, Juan Muñoz and Randjelovic were some of the news of the team coached by Mehdi Nafti. 

Bouldini and Ontiveros the heroes of Fuenlabrada, Qasmi discounted for Leganés

The match started with a crowd that came to Butarque to keep supporting their team. However it was the visitors who opened the scoreboard. At first instance, on the minute 9’, after a corner kick Bouldini scored the 0-1 and 3 minutes after, with a long shot Ontiveros set the 0-2.

Nevertheless, Leganés reacted, and on the minute 19’ Qasmi scored the first goal for the team coached by Mehdi Nafti, after receiving a ball from Randjelovic. The team started to press looking for more options, but the visitors kept fighting and making things complicated.

The team of Nafti did not resign and in the last minutes of the match the pepenero team got one opportunity,one with Randjelovic after a center from Rúben Pardo in the 44’ minute. With this, the match entered half time, with a partial victory for Fuenlabrada. 

Javi Hernández and Arnaiz the key of the goal for the victory.

For the second half, Mehdi Nafti tried to make some changes in the midfield. And things come better for the local team. In the first two minutes Lega equalized things after Javi Hernández scored the second goal. 

The match continued with the same dynamic, both teams did not let the other advance. Lega tried some balls with Cissé, Randjelovic, Arnaiz, but unfortunately without any danger. However, on the minute 64’ Nafti makes some changes and enters the field Recio and Bautista. Róber Ibañez entered as well after nine minutes

But Lega at home is complicated and by the boot of Arnaiz change the situation at Butarque. It was on the minute 77’ when Arnaiz with a long distance shot set the 3-2 on the scoreboard, making all the supporters happy. Arnaiz got the applause of all the supporters when he left the field for Nyom at  83’ minutes. 

With everyone one stand up on their seats the match ended with a fantastic victory for the blue and white team. The squad completed nine matches without losing at Butarque, with the goals of Qasmi, Hernández and Arnaiz the team live an amazing night