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Draw match at the Anxo Carro (0-0)

C.D. Leganpes add one point in their visit to Anxo Carro Stadium against C.D. Lugo (0-0), in the corresponding match of the thirty-seven gameweek of LaLiga SmartBank. Danin Jiménez was one of the main characters of the match that could stopped a penalty shot from Carrillo in the minute 16’, while Róber Ibáñez and quintilla got the most clear options from the pepineros

Dani Jiménez stopped a penalty after 16 minutes

Mehdi Nafti made six changes from the team that started in the last match, entering Palencia in the right side of the defense, Quintilla was on the left side, Shibasaki Gaku in the center of the field. Randjelovic and Róber Ibáñez on the sides in the middle and Qasmi up front. Lazar and Javi Hernández got the first options at the start of the match, with a Róber that was participating a lot trying to break the defense, pressing and almost he took advantage at minute 11 after a bad decision of the rival defenders. 

However, on the first approach of Lugo the referees needed to go to check the VAR and therefore they declared a penalty shoot after a foul from Palencia over Chris Ramos. Carrillo took the responsibility, but Jiménez stopped the  shot and avoided the 1-0 in a superb actuation of the keeper. Lega tried to reat, and with a great action of Róber that for a little it was capitalized by Gaku. In the next action of the galicians almost Chris Ramos again. But there was no more time in the first half, end of the first 45’ minutes.

Róber and Quintillà got the best opportunities on the second half

Without any substitutions, the second half started, with a Leganés that was trying to take possession of the ball, and lugo tried to make transitions with spaces. On the minute 58’ Róber Ibáñez got a good option after connecting a volley that was well responded by Whalley. Again the local goalkeeper was forced to intervene again after a left shot by Quintillà that threw the ball to the corner with some difficulties. Mehdi Nafti made the first two substitutions on the minute 64’, Juan Muñoz and Borja Garcés entered from Cissé and Qasmi. Five minutes after that Arnaiz entered for a tiered Róber. 

Dani Jimenez appeared again after a head shot on the 76’ of Chris Ramos, one of the first options for the home team in the second half. Bustiniza and Naim entered for Quintillà and Randjelovic that were the last changes of the franco tunisian coach at the 78’. Javi Hernpandez was then moved to the left wing. Again Dani Jiménez needed to send the ball out after a long shot of Señé. Borja Garcés had the last opportunity of the match in the 90’ minutes with a right foot shot that went up off the frame. 

There wasn’t time for more, and Leganés add another point reaching 46 units in the league. The next stop will be next monday, 2 of may, at Butarque (18:30 hours) against S.D Huesca.