Hundreds of pepineros families enjoy the Día del Niño Pepinero

Hundreds of families enjoy on saturday morning the activities of the V edition of Día del Niño Pepinero that was hosted at the Centro Comercial Plaza Nueva of our city. The event was organized by the team, C.D. Leganés and their fundation with the help of the official sponsors of the team.

Since 10:30 hours, and a lot of boys and girls from different ages, that most of them got a pepinero shirt, arrived to the parking available at the Decathlon of the mall to enjoy the different activities organized in which they can enjoy shuts of football, basketball, ballhand, rugby, badminton, volleyball or others. They could meet SuperPepino or take photos with the official bus, and some other images with the ambulance of Protección Civil. The president of C.D Leganés, Victoria Pavón, came to the event side by side with the major of the city, Santiago Llorente. 

The little ones got a great time with the activities , labs and the autographs

The morning passes and the different activities of making the key holder, painting the cape of SuperPepino, that then he wore at the match against Eibar, or the delivery of juices, pizza or different shirts from our sponsors. Around one o’clock in the afternoon, it was the turn of the autograph signing with the players: Fede Vico, representing the first team, Estela y Eva, from the feminine team, y Javi Garrido, as the representative of the Cantera Pepinera. 

In the afternoon, around a hundred kids could make a photo with the starting eleven of Leganés before the clash against Eibar, and two young supporters could see the match with their families on the VIP box after they won the drawing contest of the week. An unforgettable day to keep augmenting Lega supporters since they are littles.