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The ‘Cantera Pepinera’ defeat and enjoy the tournaments of holy weekend

Diverse teams of our ‘Cantera Pepinera’ have disputed tournaments with the highest level of the formation teams of Spain and Europe, taking advantage of the stop of the league for the Holy weekend.  

We highlight the Benjamín ‘A’ coached by Alberto Acedo, that proclaim themselves champions after a victory in the final against Atlétco Chopera. In addition the pepinero team disputed the XI edition of the Íscar Cup, getting on the first places of the bronce phase.

Also, the Benjamín ‘B’ of Gerardo Martínez achieved another championship, winning the tournament Madrid Youth Cup after defeating E.D. Moratalaz, R.S.D. Alcalá and Toledo Olivos.

Infantil ‘A’ of Adrián Cascos got the gold medal in the tournament Madrid Youth Cup after a victory in the final against A.D.U Carrascal (2-0), they defeated teams like Juventud Torrejón or Ganei Tivka. 

By their part, Cadete ‘B’ of Manolo Rueda got to lift another trophy at the Madrid Youth Cup, after a victory in the final (1-9) against E.D. Mortalaz, and defeated on the group stage A.D Plata, C.D. Quintara and C.D. Coslada, this last rival in the semifinals. 

For last the, Prebenjamín ‘A’ directed by Alberto Galisteo emerged victorious from the “Torneo Chinchón” defeating rivals like, Ciempozuelos, Arancetano and Chinchón.