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06/04/2021 12:45 | Academy

Open the deadline for subscribers to request their tickets for the match of C.D. Leganés 'B' against E.D. Moratalaz.

C.D. Leganés opens the doors of the Butarque Sports Facility so that season ticket holders and the general public can attend the match played there by the Blue and Whites' reserve team against E.D. Moratalaz (Sunday, 12:00 p.m.), on the second day of the promotion play-off, with the appropriate health protocol measures and guaranteeing the safety of the attendees.

06/04/2021 11:18 | Squad / Video

This is the day-to-day life of the coaching staff at C.D. Leganés.

Miguel Pérez, physical trainer of C.D. Leganés, tells us how is the day to day in the coaching staff of Leganés. He tells us what they do from the moment they arrive at the Sports Facility, until they leave in the afternoon, and highlights the improvement of the facilities and the quality of the day to day in recent years.

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